Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Dark Spanish Emperador Tiles: Attractive tiles for colorful life

Dark Spanish Emperador tiles look very marvelous when they are installed at certain favored places. These places include waterfalls, planters, spas, showers, partitions, bathroom, saunas, dividers and any other water features. In comparison to walls, floors are more preferable with the decoration of these tiles. Residential buildings, commercial as well as corporate buildings are installed with these tiles. With the passage of time, these tiles are acquiring prominence in the market and are becoming the ideal choice of property owners as well as homeowners, who want their most cherished buildings to look typical and distinct.
As far as the composition of Dark Spanish Emperador tiles is concerned, these tiles contain 9 mm of porcelain back and 3 mm of marble surface. This particular composition makes these tiles much more lighter than marble tiles. Since they become much lighter, the installation of these tiles becomes much easier for application on the wall. This versatility has forced many interior designers and architects to opt for these tiles in the construction and remodeling of prominent buildings. These tiles of light beige color intermingled by attractive red veins, will undoubtedly change the outlook of hallways, bathroom, dining areas and kitchens. These tiles are also suitable shopping centers, hotels, bars and restaurant.

Merits of Dark Spanish Emperador tiles

Durability: Dark spanish emperador tiles are much more durable in comparison to other tiles. Once they are installed at a certain place then that place becomes extremely hard and last for many years.
Easy installation: Since these tiles are much lighter, they can be easily installed without any ambiguity. The lightweights of these tiles make them an ideal choice for professionals, engineers and architects. For more information visit SmileForTiles

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